7 Interesting Things to See in Russia


Russia is a vast country with many interesting things to see. It is a wonderful place to travel and explore, but you will need to plan your time carefully and be prepared to spend a lot of money in the process.

Visit in spring

For the best experience, you should visit Russia in Spring when it is quiet and less crowded. You can get a real taste of the local culture by exploring the museums and palaces at your own pace rather than the usual crowd of tourists.

It is also the best time to witness the Victory Day parade in Moscow and visit Karelia, a pristine and peaceful region that has much to offer to its visitors.

Hiring a driver is an option that can make your stay in Russia much more pleasant and exciting. A professional driver will know the roads and will be able to show you around in a more efficient manner. He will also be able to show you some of the hidden gems that you might not otherwise be able to find yourself, as well as tell you about the most important sights in the city.

Star City – A Cosmic Adventure

In Moscow, you can take a trip to the famous Star City – the former Soviet space agency and learn about life as a cosmonaut in the Soviet Union. The training facility is a fascinating place to visit and you can take part in a simulated rocket launch or a zero-gravity flight.

Baba Yaga – The Old Lady of the Forest

In Russia, a mythical elderly woman known as Baba Yaga lives in the forest and is feared for her ability to take children away from their parents. Her legends are a part of Slavic folklore and can be found in many fairy tales.

Dance in Russia

Ballet is one of the most popular and renowned forms of dance. It is a highly regarded art form and teaches discipline and grace. The Russian aristocracy encourages the practice of ballet, and it is often performed at regal courts, such as the Winter Palace.

Lake Baikal – The World’s Deepest and oldest lakes are a must-see on your itinerary when visiting Russia. The lake is located in the North West of the country and can be seen from most cities in Russia.

The most important thing when traveling in Russia is to be respectful of its culture and customs. This includes respecting the local language and not using foul language.

Be aware of crime in Russia and report any extortion attempts to the police immediately. Organized criminal groups and even some police officers will try to extort foreign businesses in many Russian cities.

Avoid alcohol in Russia

There is a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving in Russia, so if you do drink in the car it can have serious consequences. If you are caught, your license will be suspended and you may face significant fines.