The Field of World News

world news

World news (also called international or foreign news) is the term for news sent by a correspondent in a foreign city, or gathered through distant communication technologies. Historically, this was the main way newspapers and other media organizations received and disseminated world news.

The field of world news encompasses the broadest range of topics, and is not limited to international relations or to war (although those can be major subfields). Originally it was possible only through a direct connection from the foreign country (like the telegraph) but later, with innovations in communications like satellite TV and the Internet, it became much easier to gather and transmit information.

A correspondent based in a foreign city files stories to his or her home news editor, gathering materials from local officials and community members, as well as from events that they witness themselves. In addition to these duties, many correspondents are involved in investigative work on their own, contacting people and places that they think may be relevant to a story, or attempting to identify strategic sources within the government, military or civilian communities that could provide important information.

The second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine marked with grief, destruction and, despite it all, hope. The death toll from a fire that ravaged an apartment block in Valencia, Spain rose to nine. And in Taiwan, outside forces have helped create a cuisine that is uniquely Tainan. Those same outside forces have also contributed to its many challenges, including the plight of its transgender population.