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World news or international news is the term used in media jargon for news that concerns a country or global subject. It is a major branch of journalism, and is distinct from national news (which covers only events within the borders of a particular nation) although it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. At the dawn of modern journalism, most news was either sent from abroad by foreign correspondents or obtained through distance communication technologies such as telegraph and later satellite TV and the Internet. World news can also include a number of specific subfields such as war reporting, which is largely considered to be a separate field from domestic politics and economic news (although the latter can often be classified as world news).

9News brings you the latest international breaking news headlines from around the world. From the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia to Africa and the Americas we have all the global news stories that matter.

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A thief on the run is hunted in the city of Melbourne. The alleged robber was shot by police near his home in the suburb of Coburg.

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