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World news is the jargon used in the media to refer to global events and issues, as opposed to local or regional topics of interest. For example, the term world news is used to describe news that is not specifically about a country or region but instead concerns an international topic such as a war. In terms of journalism, the field of world news largely covers stories that are sent by foreign correspondents or – more commonly these days – by global news agencies.

At least 80 people have died in wildfires ravaging Hawaii’s Maui island, making it the state’s worst natural disaster. An avalanche of hate is directed toward climbers accused of ignoring a dying man while trying to summit the world’s second-highest mountain K2. The quarterfinal bracket is nearly set at the Women’s World Cup after England and Australia advanced. The United Kingdom is lowering taxes on draft beer in pubs, but not everyone is happy about it.

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