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World news refers to global events, issues or stories that are of interest to most people worldwide – such as wars that affect all nations or a meeting of major world powers. It is a term that was not widely used at the birth of modern journalism, but it is now an important part of any media outlet.

The latest world news includes Russian airstrikes on the Ukrainian capital of Kharkiv that have killed a woman and wounded scores. The mother of a man who killed his fiancee and himself has written to him saying she would help him ‘dispose of a body’ or ‘bake a cake with a file in it’. The president of Poland says he will sign a controversial law creating an investigative commission that critics say is aimed at removing his political opponents from office.

Egypt’s antiquities authorities have unveiled ancient workshops and tombs found at a Pharaonic necropolis near the city of Cairo. The death of rock ‘n’ roll legend Tina Turner, who was dubbed the Queen of Rock and Roll, has prompted a deluge of praise and tributes.

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