A Brief History of World War II

world war

What exactly is a world war? It is an international conflict that involves all of the principal nations of the world. There have been two world wars – the first and the second. Each of them has its unique history, but the common thread between them is that they both involved massive destruction of human life. Here is a brief history of both. It was fought in two separate theaters, the first one in Europe and the second in Asia.

At the beginning of the war, Germany sought to avoid a two-front war with Russia, so it invaded France and Belgium. The two countries had been neutral for almost 100 years. Britain and France quickly declared war, and soon after the German invasion began, the war began. Germany and France were soon at war, and the world was changed forever. Ultimately, Germany and Russia signed a peace treaty that ended the war. But the war didn’t end there. In the years that followed, both sides continued to clash.

In November, Germany invades Luxembourg, Belgium, and France. British forces arrive in France, and the Germans continue to advance. In July, the French, British, and Americans launched a counter-attack against the Central Powers. The Anglo-French forces in Salonika pressed on into Macedonia and forced a Bulgar armistice. In November, German submarine warfare begins, and the Allies lose control of their northern and western frontiers.