A Psychic Predicts That a New War Could Break Out in Europe Within a Decade

world war

In the wake of World War I, a psychic predicts that a new war could break out in Europe.

This conflict has not begun as everyone expected, but it is closer to happening than the general public thinks. The psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker, has said that this new war could occur within a decade.

Militarsm: The emergence of the modern military in the late nineteenth century increased tension between European countries. This led to a culture of paranoia that heightened the search for alliances between rival powers.

Imperialism: Many countries practiced imperialism during this time to make themselves stronger and more powerful. This caused tension between countries as they competed to become the most powerful nation in Europe.

Allies: The major European countries formed alliances to fight against each other during World War 1. These alliances included Britain, France and Germany.

Russia: The Russian Empire was one of the main causes of World War 1. This was because it wanted to take over more land during the war.

The British and Germans also practiced imperialism during this time. This meant that they used their military to gain land and territories.

Secret Diplomacy: The countries would use secret diplomacy to negotiate their alliances and tactics. This was important because it helped them gain an advantage over their enemies.

Nationalism: The people of these nations decided their loyalty based on their ethnic and cultural background. This was very important because it was very dangerous to be loyal to someone who was different from you.