About Russian Vs Ukraine

Russian Vs Ukraine

About Russian Vs Ukraine

One year ago today, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a cynical and illegal invasion of Ukraine. The invasion marked the beginning of a devastating military campaign that has ripped apart families, forced millions from their homes, destroyed civilian infrastructure, destabilized energy markets, and undermined international peace and security.

Despite the massive destruction and bloodshed, Russia’s military is losing ground in the fighting in Ukraine, while Western support for Kyiv is growing. The West has provided Ukrainian forces with advanced air defense systems and accelerated the pace of providing other types of military aid.

Why is Ukraine such a geopolitical flash point?

For many experts, the war in Ukraine has been a manifestation of a renewed great-power rivalry between Russia and the West. It has reshaped the region’s politics, brought economic hardship to the world far from the conflict’s epicenter, and touched off a refugee crisis.

How has this shaped the future of Russian foreign policy?

A major concern for some analysts is the impact of Putin’s military campaign on Russia’s superpower image. The escalation of the Ukraine conflict has damaged the country’s international reputation, diminished its ability to defend itself, and made it vulnerable to a Western attack.

The aftermath of the war in Ukraine has also reshaped the relationship between Russia and the West. It has encouraged Western countries to pursue their own expansion of NATO and it has prompted a new rethinking of European security by Russia’s neighbors.