About Usa Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

About Usa Vs Russia

The United States and Russia have a long history of mistrust. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and Moscow have found themselves on the edge of an existential struggle over their respective visions for the international order. Regardless of the current strain in the relationship between the two countries, it is essential that America and Russia find ways to work together, both for regional security and global stability.

To hold Russia accountable for its war crimes in Ukraine, support Ukraine’s independence and strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Washington has placed economic sanctions on Moscow, ramped up military exercises in Eastern Europe, boosted nonlethal security assistance for Ukraine and launched a series of missile defense installations in Poland. These steps help send a clear message, pro-Ukraine and pro-freedom rather than anti-Russian, to nations around the world that have hesitated to fully oppose Vladimir Putin’s brutal aggression.

Despite its many strategic weaknesses, Russia retains its nuclear “triad” with a large fleet of intercontinental ballistic missiles and an array of long-range strike aircraft and submarines. It also has cutting-edge anti-stealth systems and a powerful fleet of surface ships, including its lone aircraft carrier.

By almost every conventional measure, apart from nuclear weapons, the United States is far more powerful than Russia. Nonetheless, the war in Ukraine has revealed that Russian battlefield losses have exposed the myth of its post-Soviet nuclear strength, even as the Kremlin continues to use the threat of Armageddon to head off a direct Western intervention.