Causes of the World War

world war

The First World War was the deadliest war in history, and a major turning point in modern history. It marked the start of a long period of international turmoil, and led to the formation of two opposing military alliances. The Allies, led by Britain and her empire, the United States, the Soviet Union and France, fought against the Axis Powers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.

There were many causes of the war including imperialism, secret diplomacy, nationalism and tensions between countries. There were also a lot of innovations made during the war such as medical advances.

Imperialism: Many countries in Europe used imperialism to make their country stronger and more powerful, this caused a lot of tension between the different European countries. This is why they went to war with each other and why there was so much violence.

Secret Diplomacy: This was a form of communication between the countries, they would secretly talk about their plans and tactics to gain an advantage over each other. This was the reason that countries started to go to war with each other because of their rivalry.

Nationalism: This was a major cause of the war because it made people decide their loyalty based on their ethnic or cultural background instead of their shared interests. It also triggered the anger and the tensions between the nations that were fighting each other.

The world war is the most important war in history and a major turning point in modern history. The war killed more than 16 million soldiers and civilians, and it forever changed the world. It also paved the way for a lot of things such as medical advances, innovations in manufacturing and communication.