Delicious Recipes From Ukraine


A nutrient-rich dish from Ukraine, zagarka is made with rice, meat, tomatoes and bell peppers. All are cooked in a rich tomato sauce called tvarohy, and served with sour cream on the side. This easy and delicious recipe will please everyone at the table.

The luscious Ukrainian soup is known for being super healthy, and one of the country’s favorite dishes. It is a variation on the beet-based borscht that’s also popular in Germany and other Eastern European countries. It’s a simple and tasty recipe that can be enjoyed any time of year.

Whether you’re a fan of the beet-horseradish relish or not, it pairs well with jelly meat, other types of cooked meat, boiled potatoes, and many other foods found on Ukrainian tables. It is another of the many delicious and simple recipes that you can enjoy while visiting Ukraine.

The first Ukrainian republic emerged following the collapse of czarist Russia in 1917 and achieved a brief period of independence before being reconquered by the Soviet Union, which engineered two forced famines that killed up to 8 million people. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Ukraine sought to forge a distinct identity as a sovereign state while aligning itself more closely with Western institutions and bridging deep internal divisions.

However, in recent years, endemic corruption and a legacy of patronage politics have stymied efforts at economic reform and political liberalization. The Ukrainian population has split over its future direction, with a nationalist and largely Russian-speaking West generally supporting greater integration with the EU and NATO and a pro-Russian East favoring closer ties with Moscow.

A peaceful mass protest dubbed the Orange Revolution in late 2004 and early 2005 led to the overturning of a rigged presidential election, a new internationally monitored vote, and the installation of the pro-West Viktor YUSHCHENKO as president. In 2014, backtracking on a trade agreement with the EU and blatant government corruption led to three months of protest occupation in central Kyiv by students, civic activists, and others fed up with sleaze and graft. Government forces’ use of force against the protesters sparked pitched battles, widespread international condemnation, and a failed political deal that led to President Petro POROSHENKO leaving office in favor of the pro-West Volodymyr ZELENSKY as president.

Pampushky are yeast-raised Ukrainian buns or doughnuts that can be either savory or sweet and baked or fried. They can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients such as mushrooms, dill, or cheese. They’re often topped with garlic oil or sour cream, and they go great with borscht and salo.

Wine is a staple in the cuisine of Ukraine, and the region produces an array of wines. This elegant rose is an easy drinking example of Ukraine’s finest vino, with a crimson color and an aroma of strawberries, blackberries, duchesse, and cherries. A great way to start a meal or complement your dessert, this is a delicious and affordable choice.