Factors That Caused the First World War

world war

The first world war was a major war that began on July 28, 1914. It was a conflict between the Allies and the Central Powers.

It was a large and bloody war that involved many different countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. It lasted for nine to ten years and caused huge losses on all sides.

Factors that caused the first world war included imperialism, nationalism and secret diplomacy. It also had a lot of tension and rivalry between European nations.

Arming for War: It was a time when European nations spent a lot of money on their navies and military forces. This gave them a big advantage over other countries.

The assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was one of the main causes for the world war. He was assassinated by the Black Hand organization.

Austria declared war on Serbia, which led to Germany and France. It also caused the Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian empire to collapse.

In the end, all of these countries were defeated and they all gave up their territories. This created a new League of Nations, which was designed to prevent future wars.

The world war had a huge impact on the world. It killed millions of people and destroyed properties. It was also the largest international war ever. It is estimated that around nine million military personnel and seven to eight million civilians died during the war.