Famous People and Famous Places in Russia


Russia has a storied past that includes The Russian Empire and The Soviet Union. This vast country is famous for a number of things including Vodka production, the Matryoshka doll, and its cold climate. The country’s capital, Moscow, is also known for its striking landmarks like Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square. Other famous sites include The Kremlin, the Winter Palace and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

Russia is one of the world’s largest countries in both land mass and population, stretching across two continents. It borders 14 other countries, most notably Finland and China. The country is a member of the G8, NATO and the Council of Europe. It has a rich cultural heritage with many influences from the past and from neighbors.

The country’s rich culture has nurtured major contributions in science and art. For example, the first artificial satellite and spacewalk were carried out by Russians, while writers like Pushkin, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy are synonymous with classical literature. Russian artists, musicians and dancers have captivated audiences worldwide.

In addition to the arts, Russia is renowned for its delicious traditional cuisine. The food is hearty and wholesome and has been influenced by a variety of different cultures over the centuries. Some of the most popular dishes are borscht, blinis and pelmeni.

There is a wide array of activities to enjoy in Russia’s diverse landscapes, from the Arctic tundra of the north to the massive forests of Siberia and the mountain communities of the Caucasus. Russia is a major grain producer and exporter and has some of the best oil reserves in the world.

One of the country’s most famous people is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a composer who was well-known worldwide for his melodies. He wrote a wide range of pieces that were often dramatic, emotional and gloomy. His most famous compositions include Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

Another Russian celebrity is Irina Shayk, a model who has appeared in many high-profile events and worked with several designer brands. She has a reputation for being very disciplined with her exercise and beauty regimens. She is also known for her participation in beauty contests and has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The capital city of Moscow is a stunning blend of greenery and ancient landmarks. Visitors can view the majestic cathedrals of Saint Basil’s and the Kazan Cathedral and explore Red Square. There are also many museums to visit, including the Kremlin and the Winter Palace. Guests can also take in the enchanting beauty of Lake Baikal, which is famous for its ancient monasteries, scenic shorelines and beaches. During the summer, tourists can kayak and boat on the lake or go island hopping to discover hidden coves. During the winter, the lake freezes over and visitors can ski on its surface or walk through ice caves. This is a great place for adventurers and nature lovers alike.