Five Things to Look For in a World News App

World News

NPR covers world news and other important topics. Its news coverage spans international politics, culture, business, technology, and health. Listeners can also learn about world trends and science. A new World News app will be available in 2014! Read on to learn more! Here are five things to look for in a World News app! If you love hearing about global events, you’ll love the World News app! Here’s why:

In 19th century, newspapers had already been founded in a number of countries. Later, innovations in telecommunications made it possible for news from faraway places to reach readers in the country. The telegraph also led to the creation of news agencies. Today, news agencies such as AFP (French news agency), Reuters (UK), Wolff (German news agency), and AP (American Press Association) cover the world. The most famous subfield of World News is war journalism. Special envoys are sent abroad to cover a particular subject or event.