How a Usa Vs Russia Nuclear War Could Look Like

Usa Vs Russia

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Relations between the United States and Russia thawed after the Cold War ended, but have since soured over NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, Russian election interference, the annexation of Crimea, support for separatists in Ukraine, and other actions. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that “If we allow Russia to act with impunity in Ukraine, it sends a message to would-be aggressors around the world that they can get away with this behavior,” and that it must be punished.

A terrifying new simulation, published in the journal Science & Global Security, shows what a nuclear war between the two nations could look like if it were to erupt. The researchers have built a model for a possible escalation between the countries using realistic nuclear force postures and targets, and estimates that over 90 million people would die within hours of the war starting, mainly from direct damage from a strike on civilian areas.

The simulation also looks at the effect of NATO retaliation, and the involvement of its member countries. This is important, because it illustrates that the alliance is in a much better position to handle such a conflict than Russia alone. That’s an important factor as NATO considers whether to move forward with enlargement, and what that will mean for the Alliance’s capacity to defend its members against credible threats from Russia. It’s also a reason why the alliance should be careful about making big military commitments to European allies, until it’s clear that they can take them.