How to Stay Aware of the Latest World News

world news

The term “world news” is often used interchangeably with international news. In a broader sense, world news refers to any type of news from abroad, whether it is about an individual country or a worldwide subject. Journalism deals with news sent from abroad by news agencies or correspondents, or gathered through distance communication technologies. Some examples of world news include wars and international political events, which are considered “national” news. Some media outlets, such as CNN, also publish “world news” stories.

One of the key ways to stay abreast of the latest world events is to listen to world news on NPR. The NPR world news program focuses on global trends in business, science, technology, and art. A variety of foreign languages are available. And a wide variety of topics can be found on the News Feed app. However, you should avoid topics pertaining to Middle Eastern affairs. The app has many features to choose from and is free to download.

A roadside bomb has struck a United Nations peacekeeping convoy in central Mali, killing two peacekeepers and wounding four others. Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official secretly traveled to Venezuela over the weekend in an effort to ease hostile relations. The country is Vladimir Putin’s top ally in Latin America and one of the largest oil exporters. A freeze in visas for Venezuelan citizens has prevented many from visiting the U.S.