How to Win the Game Between USA and Russia in the World Cup of Hockey

There are two reasons that Americans can’t win the hockey game between USA and Russia. One, they have a terrible record against Russia. The other, they’re just plain bad at getting in the zone. Let’s talk about the two of them and see how they stack up in the World Cup of Hockey. In other words, the USA is a bad team and Russia is a good team. If you’re wondering how to win the game between USA and Russia, you’ve come to the right place.

First, US policy should aggressively target the highest profile oligarchs. Sanctions should be imposed on these individuals, which may include asset freezes, visa bans, and legal investigations. By imposing such harsh measures, the US government would be depriving these oligarchs of doing business with US dollars, a key tool of the Kremlin’s influence. Then, the sanctions would send a clear message to other autocratic regimes.

In terms of military, the two nations are equal in size, with the US having 334 million soldiers to Russia’s 69,737,187. However, Russia has a greater number of nuclear weapons, which is a concern for the US. Furthermore, Russia has the upper hand in terms of chemistry, with a number of missiles capable of traveling above Mach 5.