How to Write Conflict in Fiction


If you’re writing a novel, then conflict is one of the most important elements of the story. Essentially, conflict is a struggle between two opposing forces that prevents a two-part plot from reaching a final outcome. In other words, conflict occurs when two parties want something but cannot agree on how to go about achieving it. When this happens, it results in a scene or event that demonstrates who has the upper hand and who will give in first. While conflict can arise in any situation, the most common form of conflict is between two people.

When it comes to writing conflict, there are a few things that you can do to create tension. If the characters are already agitated and upset, you can set the scene for a scene where the tension is high. This way, the reader will be engaged with the story instead of becoming frustrated. You can also use conflict as a vehicle for creating excitement, which is a great way to create tension. The audience will also respond positively to conflict by anticipating it.

Another technique for reducing conflict is involving third parties. In these situations, you and your opponents should seek the advice of a third party. This person or organization can help you to solve the conflict by bringing both parties together. A third party can help you resolve the conflict and ensure that the situation is resolved to both parties’ satisfaction. Whether you’re trying to resolve the conflict in an office, a home, or at school, you can use the help of a mediator to help you reach an agreement.

You can also practice emotional awareness to help you deal with conflict. Many people ignore or try to suppress their strong feelings. Learning how to connect with these feelings is crucial to successfully resolving conflict. If you’re afraid of your own emotions, you may choose solutions that are strictly rational. And if you try to solve a conflict using rational means, you’re not likely to reach a mutually satisfying resolution. So, you need to be aware of your emotions and your reactions to prevent conflict.

Often, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat struggle with each other in society. In this type of conflict, the person desires to fulfill their wishes while performing their duties and responsibilities. The conflict becomes a struggle for survival. An example of a mind versus mind conflict is the fictional movie Frankenstein. This type of conflict is a great example of conflict that can occur in a real world. The conflict between a person and a human being is called ‘person versus mind’.

Despite the complexity of conflict resolution, open dialogue and respect for differences in opinion are essential to preventing violence and making sure that everyone has a chance to reach a satisfactory resolution. When two people have differing opinions, conflicts can arise between them and lead to physical violence. It can even affect friendships. But there are many different types of conflicts, from small and personal conflicts to major wars and political unrest. Conflict resolution is important to preventing violence and promoting peace in society.