Liberal Vs Conservative

Liberal vs Democrat

When determining if the government should be liberal or conservative, it is helpful to understand the differences between the two parties. The liberal movement has long fought for freedom and against privileged protectionism. However, democrats are moving away from this ideal, threatening public enterprise and other means of production. While liberals advocate giving money to the poor, democrats argue that the government should be reliant on government to protect consumers and delay free-market enlargement.

The Democratic Party is considered more liberal than its Republican counterpart, although it has a lower percentage of self-described liberals than the Republican Party. However, the Republican Party has no qualms about calling themselves conservative, even though they are the party of fear. In addition, name-calling is essential in enemy identification. In fact, the Democratic Party is the party of big business and unregulated finance. However, the Democratic Party’s position on international relations is more liberal than the Republicans’.

Despite the differences between the two parties, both sides are concerned with the same things. Conservatives want the Republican Party to do more, while liberals want the Democratic Party to make more progress. In addition, liberals support state intervention in economics and generally oppose infringement on personal freedoms. As such, the term liberal is often misused to refer to those on the left who are not extremists. On the other hand, liberals are often considered moderate left-wing positions.