Liberal Vs Democrat

Liberal vs Democrat

When you compare the two major political parties, you will find a lot of differences. Liberals believe in a strong federal government, but democrats believe in an economic system that favors the wealthy. They also believe in raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, racial equality, and breaking down barriers to advancement for women. They also believe that people should have the right to vote and should have a say in foreign policy decisions.

Liberals tend to support fiscal progressivism, which includes increased federal spending to help the poor. Despite their name, liberals are not necessarily gay rights activists, tree huggers, or federal program-loving fanatics. In fact, their philosophy is based on the idea that the United States should change in a constantly changing environment. Liberals, however, may not be as dedicated to protecting minorities or supporting the impoverished as Democrats.

Although many public officials and Americans lament the increasing political bias in the media, there is very little evidence about the ideological leanings of individual journalists. Few journalists answer surveys, and even fewer report on their political leanings. The most common partisan labels are “liberal” and “conservative,” but there are also a lot of liberals and conservatives who identify as “independent.”

As the population continues to expand, nonwhite voters are forming larger percentages of both parties’ coalitions. In addition, independent voters have become more educated and racially diverse, and they are largely concentrated in suburbias. In close elections, the influence of independent voters is crucial.