Liberal Vs Democrat

Liberal vs Democrat

There are two major political parties in the United States – Democrats and Republicans. These parties differ in their ideologies and policies.

Democrat: One of the world’s oldest political parties and one of the two main parties in the US (with the GOP). The Democratic Party is based on modern liberalism principles, and it believes that the government should promote social equality, and that it is the duty of the government to protect consumers, the environment, and workers.

Liberal: The second largest party in the US, the Liberal Party is based on liberalism principles and it believes that the government should promote freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility. The party also supports civil rights, free trade and the rule of law.

Founded in 1828, the Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the US and it believes that the government should uphold economic and social equality. The party advocates progressive taxation, a strong social safety net, and regulations that protect workers and the environment.

The party aims to introduce social programs, provide universal health care, support labor groups, and increase economic opportunity for all. They are also opposed to corporate welfare and tax cuts for the wealthy.

In addition, the party advocates a progressive system of taxation in which higher income earners pay higher taxes than lower earners. They also advocate increasing the government’s involvement in healthcare through Medicare and Medicaid.

The percentage of Americans who describe themselves as liberal has been rising since Gallup started tracking the ideology of party groups in the mid-1990s. More than half of the Democrats identified as liberal last year, a new high for the group.