Liberal Vs Democrat

Liberal vs Democrat

A liberal is someone who believes in the freedom of thought, belief and action. They don’t care much about tradition or hierarchy and believe that people are free to express their views without being coerced by others.

In the US, this is called modern liberalism. They believe that the government should intervene and regulate the economy, introduce social programs, provide universal health care, support labor groups, promote equal economic opportunity and protect consumer rights and the environment.

They also support minimum wages, progressive taxation (higher taxes for higher income brackets) and the right to free speech. They also tend to favor government regulation to ensure the free flow of information and consumer protection.

The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the United States. Its philosophy is based on modern liberalism principles, social democracy and progressivism.

The Democratic Party is generally considered liberal, while the Republican Party is seen as conservative. The Democrat party tends to support a larger government role in the economy, backing regulations and social welfare programs. The Republicans, on the other hand, want a smaller government that is less involved in the economy. They also support a large budget for the military, and tend to use it as a tool to defend the U.S. against foreign threats. They are opposed to amnesty for any undocumented immigrants, and fund stronger enforcement actions at the border.