Liberal Vs Democrat

Liberal vs Democrat

A fundamental question of modern politics is, “What is the difference between the Democrats and the liberals?” While the two parties share similar beliefs, they are distinct in important ways. While they began as the party of civil rights crusaders, they have diversified over the years and now largely support social programs and economic equality. In addition, they are supporters of organized labor and environmental protection. Furthermore, they promote affordable college education and equal opportunity for all.

In addition to the liberal-left vs. conservative-liberal divide, there is also a dividing line within the party. Some Democrats consider Hillary Clinton to be a “Republican lite” – they roll with the punches and are unwavering in their opposition to Wall Street bailouts and the Iraq war. However, her voting record speaks for itself. She opposed the Iraq war, the Wall Street bailout, and same-sex marriage, and has also endorsed the Human Rights Campaign.

As for the economic liberals, they put an emphasis on the need for government action, while social liberals focus on the dangers of an over-mighty state. The liberals also support a written constitution and a small government. Individual liberals have broad views that often include economics, the environment, and foreign policy. They also advocate lower taxes and a freer market for businesses. The Democratic Party is one of the two most prominent parties in the United States, and their roots can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson. The modern party was founded in 1828, and is one of the oldest political parties in the world.