Liberal Vs Democrat

Liberal vs Democrat

A liberal is someone who advocates for a larger role for government in society. They believe that the government should help uphold social justice and economic equality. They are more in favor of government-run programs like a welfare system, free healthcare and environmental protections. They are also more supportive of civil rights and racial equality. They are the opposite of Conservatives who advocate for a smaller government and less government spending.

Democrat refers to anyone who is a member or voter of the Democratic Party. This party is a coalition of progressives, centrists and conservatives who are more left-leaning than the Republican Party. A Democrat is more likely to support social welfare programs, and oppose free market capitalism and private industry influence over politics. They may also be more supportive of corporate corruption investigations and public education funding.

Democrats are more in favor of a democracy (the form of government where power is vested in its citizens through majority-rules voting). Historically, they were known as the party of FDR, who promoted a social-liberal platform that included civil rights and racial equality. This type of ideology is called modern liberalism. It is different from classical liberalism, which was a pushback against royal overreach and the idea of liberty without regulation, rules taxes and so on.