RAND Analysis of the Russian Vs Ukraine Conflict

Russian Vs Ukraine

The recent Russian Vs Ukraine conflict is not a simple one. The Russian president blamed Ukrainian nationalism on Lenin, calling it a “mistake” and “worse than a mistake”. He launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, and has attempted to re-create Lenin’s Ukraine. His false claims have been widely circulated by Russia’s disinformation machine.

With this escalation, many people are expressing their concerns. The conflict is far from over, but the political ramifications are enormous. The next move for the Ukrainian government is unclear, and there are many high-stakes questions that loom over the country. RAND’s experts have conducted extensive research on the Ukraine conflict and its potential repercussions, including the future of NATO-Russia relations. Their timely analysis will help mitigate the risk of wider war between the two powers.

The US government has pledged to make a war on Ukraine difficult. Its President Joe Biden has warned Moscow of the potential economic repercussions if it attacks Ukraine. The US government is also sending an additional 7,000 troops to Europe. The Pentagon has also deployed an armored brigade combat team to Germany, in an effort to reassure nervous NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, Ukraine has shown tremendous resilience and adaptability during the conflict. The Ukrainian military is gaining ground rapidly through farmland. Its Russian counterparts are crumbling before them. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have been acquiring more military equipment and tanks. The Ukrainians are also receiving U.S. weapons to counter the Russians’ offensive.