Russia Vs Ukraine – A World Cup Match

Russian Vs Ukraine

The next round of the World Cup will pit two of the most powerful nations on earth against one another in Russia Vs Ukraine. If Russia wins the game, the result could be historic – a world championship that will determine who will emerge as the winner. It is important to keep in mind that Ukraine’s armed forces are significantly under-equipped and under-resourced. A win by Russia would be devastating for Ukraine’s economy, and a loss would also tarnish Putin’s image at home.

The Ukraine War was launched by Russia on Feb. 24, the biggest mobilization of military forces in Europe since World War II. However, so far, Moscow has failed to capture any of Ukraine’s major cities. Russia’s military was ill-prepared to carry out this massive undertaking, and the tenacious resistance of the Ukrainian army and civilians has hindered the country’s efforts. But the Russian president has said that his ultimate goal is to overrun Ukraine, overthrow its elected government, and subsume the country into orbit.

While the Kremlin is accusing Ukraine of not honoring the 2015 peace deal, the Western leaders have criticized the European Union for failing to encourage compliance. The deal, which was a diplomatic coup for Moscow, requires Kiev to give autonomy to rebel regions and offer sweeping amnesty to rebels. The Ukraine claims that cease-fire violations by rebels backed by Russia are evidence that Moscow is violating the agreement.