Russian Vs Ukraine

Russian Vs Ukraine

A new war has been waged between Russia and Ukraine. In the first place, the Russians have lost significant numbers of troops. But more importantly, the Ukrainians have pushed south, towards the city of Kherson. Some Ukrainians have fled in droves, while others are fighting back in a number of different ways.

One might say that the origins of this war are more complex than the battle lines. Several factors have contributed to Russia’s defeat: economic corruption, the lack of an all-out war, and the rejection of the idea that the country is a Soviet Union. The specter of an invasion could resurface if Russian officials fail to show they are committed to peaceful solutions.

There are many other reasons the Russians have lost. For example, the United States is helping the Ukrainians fight off the Russians, and has sent weapons to the Ukrainian side.

The Ukrainians are also showing their mettle by demonstrating the capabilities of their military. They have already shot down 35 drones in this region.

Although the obverse might be true, the real test of a nation’s resolve is not whether it can win a battle. Instead, it will be whether the people of Ukraine can resist a long-term occupation regime.

Despite the escalation of the conflict, the Ukrainian government has managed to gain the confidence of the Ukrainian people. This has been possible because the recent elections were shaped by bread and butter concerns. Pro-Western candidates have won comfortable majorities across all oblasts.