Russian Vs Ukraine

Russian Vs Ukraine

Russian Vs Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the ensuing war in Donbas was a clear signal of Russia’s commitment to a new great-power rivalry. The conflict has placed Ukraine on the front lines of a global security environment dominated by renewed competition among major world powers.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has displaced more than 7 million people and driven up humanitarian needs around the world, posing the largest refugee crisis Europe has seen in decades. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) calls on European nations to protect their neighbors fleeing the violence by ensuring open borders, providing adequate reception support, and facilitating access to humanitarian aid.

Ukraine’s Resilience

Ukrainians have shown remarkable resilience in their response to a deadly conflict, even despite the enduring presence of pro-Russian fighters and the heavy burdens of living under occupation. This resilience is due in part to a strong, internal sense of solidarity that can sustain resistance in the face of hardship.

Family Ties

Ukraine and Russia share a deep familial history, particularly centered on Kyiv, the city on par in cultural influence with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Russian-Ukrainian relations are also based on deep and mutually beneficial trade. The two nations rely on each other’s markets for much of their agricultural, industrial, and petrochemical production.

Putin’s Invasion

President Vladimir Putin embarked on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 with the aim of toppling the Western-aligned government of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Putin’s campaign centered on a strategy of recruiting collaborators from among the population, including former members of the Ukrainian state.