Russian Vs Ukraine – How to Stand Up to Russia’s Military Might

Russian Vs Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fuelled by post-Soviet Europe. Both countries are eager to reclaim some vestige of their empires, and Putin has been adamant about reclaiming the past. He has even gone so far as to say that the Ukrainians and Russians were one people and the wall between the two countries was the result of external forces. But the question is: can these nations stand up to Russia’s growing military might?

As of this writing, Russia and Ukraine have been waging war without any major success. The country is surrounded by Russian forces. The Ukrainians have no real way to get supplies to them in this situation. They should gain intelligence about what the Russians are doing, then counterattack and do deep strikes on their supply lines. They should also demolish bridges and railroads to cut off Russia’s lines of communication. Then, they could begin to scuffle with the Russians.

The Ukraine of 2022 is not a democracy, but neither is the Poland of 1939. Both countries stood together against Nazi aggression. The key to thwarting Russia’s ambitions is to raise the costs of victory. This can be done through economic sanctions and political isolation. A long-term insurgency can slowly grind away the Russian military and weaken their will. It is vital to have a plan for a possible escalation.