Russian Vs Ukraine – What’s Next?

Russian Vs Ukraine

The latest developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have many observers wondering what will happen. Russia has been deploying a vast arsenal of missiles and rockets along its border with Ukraine. Both countries have different strengths in military and are unable to withstand the other’s superior firepower. This heightened tension may lead to a conflict in which both sides will be forced to make tough decisions about their future. However, the armed forces of both countries are still far from a decisive victory.

In the past year, Russia has backed pro-Western candidates in the Ukrainian elections. Since the beginning of the conflict, Zelensky’s approval rating has risen dramatically. The war has proven to be a catalyst for nation-building. The US is funding NATO. The west has a vested interest in the Ukraine’s future, but the western bloc has yet to rally behind Kiev. The western bloc has not come to the aid of Ukraine, and it is wallowing in self-pity.

While there is a chance that Russia could emerge victorious on the battlefield, it will be at a price. The odds of Russia establishing a protectorate over Ukraine are decreasing every day. The ultimate outcome of this conflict is determined by the Western response and the willingness of Ukrainians to fight for their nation. This article explores the various options for the future of the conflict. However, it is critical to note that the current conflict has brought about a number of positive changes to the region’s politics.