Russian Vs Ukraine – Why Zelenskyy Quits CNN

While many experts believe that Russian troops will win the war in Ukraine, some doubt that this is the case. The Ukrainians have a strong military and seem motivated, and their president is a charismatic wartime leader. But the question remains: will Russia prevail? The odds of victory are still in favor of the Ukrainians, and this could turn into a stalemate as military costs pile up on both sides. And as Putin has warned, it is possible for the war to escalate into a full-blown military conflict.

Russian Vs Ukraine

As of this writing, the Russian invasion of Ukraine appears to be the main reason why Zelenskyy quit CNN. The Russian invaded Ukraine, he stated. While some have called his decision “disastrous,” others have said that Putin’s invasion was inevitable. In any case, it is important to remember that military operations should never be used as an excuse to justify the actions of a single country. Rather, it is a test of a nation’s will and resolve.

The conflict in Ukraine has also been fuelled by post-Soviet Europe, which is trying to gain back some semblance of an empire. Vladimir Putin has stated that the Russian and Ukrainian people were one people. He says that an external force is building a wall between the two countries. This is a false argument. If Putin’s words are true, the Ukrainians will not surrender. And Russia should do the same.