Russian Vs Ukraine – Will Russia Win?

In the midst of the Ukrainian crisis, Russia has been building up its military presence on its border with the country. After failing in diplomatic talks with the Ukrainian government, tensions have risen. This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an hour-long speech in which he denied Ukraine’s statehood and recognized the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. Since 2014, Russia has backed a separatist rebel rebellion in eastern Ukraine and has sent peacekeeping forces into the area. However, experts believe that the conflict will only escalate and become a much larger conflict.

Russian Vs Ukraine

The conflict has been viewed as an attempt at denazification. In fact, many of the young people in big cities have switched to the Ukrainian language. In some universities, young people have deliberately switched. The war between Ukraine and Russia has not been a simple one – there is no military conflict between the two countries. The Russians have a much more complicated history. Although Ukraine was an empire in the past, it has been a democratic and peaceful country for the last several decades.

While Ukraine’s army is overwhelmingly motivated to fight the Russians, the Ukrainian president seems to be a highly effective wartime leader and appears to have high levels of motivation. While Putin’s military may be massive, the question remains “if” Russia will triumph in this conflict. It could easily go to stalemate, where the costs of military action pile up on the Russian side. Or, it could end up being a political conflict and Vladimir Putin will claim victory.