Sources of World News

world news

World news, also known as international news, is a type of media coverage from a foreign country. While this type of coverage usually focuses on a specific country, it can also cover global topics. There are many different sources of world news. Some of these sources are online, while others are printed in local papers.

Initially, news agencies were created to distribute worldwide information, and by the 19th century, many newspapers were established. Later, the telegraph made it easier to transmit news from abroad. This led to the founding of news agencies, such as AP in the United States and Reuters in the UK. Today, most major countries have their own news agencies.

BBC World Service is a British public broadcasting service that covers world news and culture, international business, and global trends in science and technology. The BBC also broadcasts a daily news programme, World News Today, presented by Christian Fraser, Nancy Kacungira, Karin Giannone, and Kasia Madera. The show also features Alpa Patel and Philippa Thomas.

BBC World News is a half-hour, English-language news bulletin service provided by the BBC. It is available on several PBS stations in the US, including Los Angeles’ KCET. The broadcaster is independent and non-commercial, but was separated from PBS in 2011 over a rights fee dispute. It later merged with another PBS member station in the market and returned to being a minor member station. With this distribution network, 80 to 90 percent of US television households can receive the bulletins.