The Differences Between the USA and Russia

Usa Vs Russia

The second match between the U.S. and Russia saw a huge difference in results. The U.S. team won the game 2-0, creating a major distance between them. In a way, the Americans have proven they are a class above Russia. The team’s performance showed that they are one of the best soccer teams in the world. Here are the most notable differences between the U.S. and Russia’s teams.

The United States’ objective in Ukraine is not to make Russian citizens hate America. In contrast, our goal is to help Ukraine and restore peace in Ukraine. We must not forget that we have sanctioned Russia in the past, and it hasn’t helped. So, we should not give up. It is better to intervene than to let this conflict escalate. After all, the United States has already shown itself capable of escalation. Vice President Biden invoked God while speaking to the world last March. In addition, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained that the United States wants a weak Russia.

The war in Syria is a case in point. During the Obama administration, the U.S. believed that the Syrian regime was doomed and would fall soon, but it wasn’t until the election of Trump did the Russian regime rise and the opposition fractured, that the U.S. could no longer ignore the Russian line. The Trump administration, however, is now obliged to work with Russia to help them find a solution with other parties in Syria.