The EU and Russian Vs Ukraine Implications

The conflict in Ukraine has severely strained U.S.-Russia relations and raised the risks of a larger European conflict. As tensions between Russia and its neighboring countries rise, the United States will likely become involved due to alliance security commitments. The conflict will also have broad implications for future cooperation on critical issues like cybersecurity and counterterrorism. This article will explore these implications and discuss how the EU can help resolve the situation. Hopefully, these developments will help bring peace to Ukraine.

The main objective of the Russian military operation in Ukraine seems to be to capture much or all of the eastern third of the country. While Russian ground forces have not yet entered the western third of the country, they are appearing to be preparing to attack Kyiv. A knowledgeable analyst characterized the Russian military’s plans as “bizarre” and a “miscalculation.” Regardless of the eventual outcome, Ukraine remains under the control of Russia and Putin is likely to declare victory in the coming days.

Russia’s invasion has strained relations with NATO. Ukraine joined NATO in 1999, but the two countries have not formally unified. The Russians’ actions have weakened the alliance’s credibility and undermined the peace process in Europe. While Russia has repeatedly accused NATO of using Ukraine as a proxy war, NATO has firmly rejected the claim. And as for the Ukrainians, they want to join NATO and Putin is keen on undermining their relationship with the Western military alliance.