The Events of World War I

world war

World War I, or the First World War, was an armed conflict that lasted from 28 July 1914 until 11 November 1918. The First World War involved several countries that fought against each other. The conflict was fought in Europe, the Pacific, and the Middle East. More than 90 million people were killed and millions were wounded. It is one of the most horrific wars in history. This article outlines some of the key events during this war.

Prior to the war, major friction between countries had already been building for years. After the Cold War ended, the emergence of new powers caused major friction, which continued to escalate during the Arab Spring. During the war, the U.S. and other countries started proxy wars in the Middle East. The conflict between the United States and other countries escalated to a world war. It is the biggest conflict in modern history, with millions of people dying.

The war ended after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The German high command demanded an armistice, claiming that the country’s internal revolution had stabbed its army in the back. The Germans suffered from food shortages and inflation, and Austria-Hungary was also suffering due to the war. The treaty was signed in a railroad carriage near Compiegne, France. It took effect on 11 November 1918, at 11 a.m.