The Field of World News

World News is the term used in the news media for international stories. It can also refer to international political issues and global topics of interest, such as business and travel. World news is usually reported by foreign correspondents and news agencies, but can also be gathered through the use of distance communication technologies, such as satellite TV and the internet.

The world is a diverse place with many complex and interrelated issues. The field of World News tries to report on these issues and provide insight and understanding for readers. Often times, these stories are not covered in the same depth and detail as domestic news events, because of the broader international scope and the complexity of the subject matter.

There are two types of reporters who can cover world news: the foreign correspondent and the special correspondent. The foreign correspondent is a full-time reporter who works in a foreign city and covers a specific country or region for a news organization. He or she regularly files articles to the news editor. The foreign correspondent gathers his or her material from local officials, members of the community, the local media and from events he or she directly witnesses.

The special correspondent is a journalist who works for an organization and covers various subjects in addition to his or her regular assignment(s). The special correspondent can be found in different countries throughout the globe, reporting on a variety of topics from terrorism and immigration to sports and culture. The special correspondent can also be found at various international organizations, such as the UN or NGOs.

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