The Field of World News

World News

World News is a newspaper or media jargon term for news originating from abroad, as opposed to domestic or local news. The term is used to describe news stories and events that are deemed of importance at a global level, or those that have a significant impact on the international community. A journalist specializing in world news is typically called a foreign correspondent, or a special envoy sent to a region or country for a specific period of time. Correspondents usually file stories and updates to their news editor, and gather information through their own research, as well as local sources such as government officials and members of the community.

The field of world news is a subfield of journalism, and it was an important part of the development of newspapers as we know them today. Early newspaper publications were often referred to as “foreign news” due to the fact that many of them were reporting news from other countries. As newspaper technology advanced, telegraphy was introduced which made it easier to send articles and news from far-away places. This allowed the first news agencies to form, including Reuters (UK), AFP (France), and Wolff (now DPA, Germany).

As the field of world news has expanded with new technologies such as telephone and satellite television, it has come to include a more diverse range of topics and events. This includes everything from war news (although this is usually a national specialty for the media of belligerent countries), to coverage of global political events such as summits or international meetings.