The Future of World News

world news

World news is the area of journalism that covers events that impact the global economy, international relations, and global politics. This includes wars, natural disasters and environmental crises. It also encompasses a wide range of political events, including summits, debates and diplomatic meetings.

The field of world news can be particularly challenging at times. The Ukraine invasion, spiralling energy prices and climate change have led to fears that the industry could be facing a perfect storm of rising costs, declining advertising revenues, and household budgets being squeezed. Add to this the increasing threat of news avoidance and fatigue, and it’s no surprise that publishers are looking for new business models that are less reliant on traditional sources of revenue.

Publishers with a strong subscription base or diversified revenue model are best placed to weather the storm. However, a large proportion of companies that are overly dependent on advertising or print will find it harder to compete in this landscape and may be forced to cut back drastically this year. This will particularly affect regional and local publications. Meanwhile, digital platforms are gaining ground and offer opportunities for new approaches to content and distribution.