The Importance of Global Journalism

world news

World news refers to events in areas outside of a nation’s borders that are of interest to readers. This includes international conflicts, political events and summits. It also encompasses other major global issues such as famine, earthquakes and tsunamis. A world news story may focus on any country or region but it should always be viewed in the context of its influence globally.

A journalist who specializes in reporting on global news is called a correspondent. A correspondent is usually based in a foreign city (often the capital of a country) and regularly files stories to the news editor. Correspondents generally gather their materials from local officials, members of the community and from events that they personally witness. They typically maintain contacts with other journalists and correspondents in order to share information and to identify strategic sources of information.

A world news story is often influenced by the beliefs and attitudes of its audience, which in turn influences the way in which it is reported. A key challenge facing the journalism industry is how to best report on the complex relations between different social realities around the world. This requires a journalist to cultivate a global outlook and news style that is able to examine events from many different angles without favouring any particular view point. In the context of this challenge, there is growing consensus on the importance of ‘global journalism’.