The Russian Vs Ukraine Conflict

Russian Vs Ukraine

The Russian Vs Ukraine conflict has many factors to consider, including both the strength and quality of each nation’s armed forces. The Western media, for example, often portrays the area of Ukraine that was conquered as proof that the Ukrainians lost the war. But this analysis largely ignores the quality and concentration of the Ukrainian army. The Western media assumes that a 40k army cannot win this war, when the opposite is more likely.

The European Union and Council of Europe regularly meet to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Russia. In a statement, President Putin condemned the NATO enlargement process and demanded that Ukraine be barred from membership. The Russian President’s statement reflected irredentist views, questioning Ukraine’s right to exist and falsely stating that the country was founded by Vladimir Lenin. The Russians did invade Ukraine in 2022.

Both countries are presenting the Soviet era in a negative light. Both Russia and Ukraine have done their share of criticizing the Soviet era. However, during perestroika and the early 1990s, Russia was able to make the case that the Soviet period has contributed to the world’s stability. But Putin also highlights the positive aspects of the Soviet era. So what’s the bottom line? Both sides are losing money and future friends.

The conflict in Ukraine is likely to continue. Russia is accusing Ukraine of failing to honour the 2015 peace deal and criticising the West for not encouraging compliance. Ukraine signed the peace deal in 2015, but it was never fully implemented because of countless disputes. Currently, 7% of the country is categorized as temporarily occupied territory. In addition, Russia is also refusing to engage in negotiations over Ukraine’s status. The international community is now trying to put an end to this conflict.