The Russian Vs Ukraine Crisis

The conflict in Ukraine has been fueled by post-Soviet Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin is fixated on reclaiming a semblance of his empire. The president of Russia has repeatedly argued that Russia and Ukraine are one people and that only external forces have created a wall between them. The European Union and the United States are not interested in a peaceful resolution of the conflict, however, and Putin is clearly intent on using this to his advantage.

The Kremlin has been putting forth its demands for Ukraine to cease all military operations. They include: Ukraine to accept neutrality, demilitarize, and recognize the “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk in the Donbas. The Ukrainian government has not yet responded positively to these demands. They will have to take action before the conflict can be resolved. If this does not happen, the fighting will continue for weeks and may even take more lives.

The war in Ukraine has a number of repercussions beyond the region. Whether the Russians invaded the country in the first place or not, the crisis has far-reaching effects on the region. Many Russians are unaware of the current situation. They do not question the news they hear about Ukraine. This means that the Russians are trying to undermine NATO and their alliance. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought the crisis to the world’s attention, and is likely to lead to a wider conflict.