The Russian Vs Ukraine War Is Heading Toward Nuclear Weapons

Despite Russia’s claim that it is merely a rescue operation to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine, most observers believe the war is headed toward a dangerous escalation, including the use of nuclear weapons.

Many observers believe the war is a manifestation of a renewed great-power rivalry. Russia is the world leader in missile technology. It has also amassed tens of thousands of troops along the Ukraine border.

Russia and Ukraine share a history of deep cultural ties. Many Ukrainians speak Russian as a mother tongue. Most ethnic Russians lived in the east and south of Ukraine. However, the Russian language has not been the majority in Ukraine.

As Russia has expanded its military capabilities, Ukraine has bolstered its armed forces. Ukraine launched a major counteroffensive against Russian forces in late August. The Russians have been forced into series of humiliating retreats. They have lost more than half of the territory they seized.

Military analysts say that Russia made strategic errors in the early days of the invasion. The Russians’ low morale will not help them in their attempt to overcome Ukraine’s resistance. They are also suffering from poor logistics. They have been unable to get ground and air forces working in tandem.

Some observers believe the war in Ukraine will continue for at least another six months. But others point out that there is no chance of diplomacy in the months ahead.

A senior French military source said that the Russians are not going fast enough.