The Sub-Fields of World News

world news

While there are several sub-fields of world news, most journalists do not consider themselves specialists in this area. In the United States, the distinction between world and national news is blurred. “National” news, in general, includes coverage of the national government and institutions. It also includes news of wars and summits of multilateral organizations the United States is a member of. However, some journalists do specialize in world news. Here are some examples of the sub-fields that journalists in the US cover.

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News has been a part of society for centuries. From ancient times to the present, people and governments have communicated through various media. Word-of-mouth and written documents are two of the oldest forms of news. Today, news is also provided by electronic means, such as the Internet. It has also influenced the form and content of media. Today, the term “breaking news” is used to describe the newest events. Often, news can be classified as hard or soft news.