The Usa Vs Russia Ice Hockey Match

Usa Vs Russia

The United States and the Soviet Union have little in common. While both seek to export their ideologies to other nations, their goals are quite different. The Soviets view the United States as an enemy, and as such, any attempts to cooperate with the West are viewed with suspicion. This is the case, for instance, with the Marshall Plan, which was a multi-billion-dollar aid package designed to rebuild Europe. The Soviets viewed it as an attempt by the United States to curb communist movements and create markets for American exports.

The United States and Russia had a very different starting lineup than their opponents. The United States and Canada lost some key players due to injury, while Russia was forced to withdraw six players because of positive tests for a virus. The team’s captain, Olga Sosina, was among those who were ill, but her teammates sent her supportive messages via group chat. The Russian team is playing under the name of the Russian Olympic Committee because the Russian flag and name have been banned from the Olympic games. Consequently, the Russian team only has 18 skaters and two goaltenders. By contrast, the Switzerland team had a full roster of 23 players.

Despite the growing competition between the United States and Russia, it is unlikely that either country will ever initiate a conventional war. However, it is imperative that the United States prepare for such a scenario. In the meantime, Russia may continue its hostile actions in the gray zone, which are states in between NATO and Russia. This is where the United States can help its partners address these threats.