Today’s World News

World news is a catch-all phrase for news about international events, such as wars or conferences of multilateral organizations. It can also refer to a newspaper’s section devoted to such stories, which is usually referred to as “international” or, in the United States, “foreign coverage.” In journalism, world news often takes the form of reports sent by foreign correspondents, or, more recently, information that can be obtained through distance communication technologies, such as satellite TV, telephone or the internet.

This week’s major developments include Israeli military strikes in the Gaza city of Rafah, whose residents say they are in grave danger from Israel’s invasion. Egypt and Hamas continue to renegotiate a prisoner-captive exchange deal. A bipartisan Senate majority has passed a bill allocating $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Indonesians vote across three time zones in a marathon election that may decide whether former governors Prabowo Subianto and Ganjar Pranowo will be the nation’s next presidents.

A landmark study finds that nearly half of the world’s threatened migratory species are losing population numbers. The researchers say that the global decline is largely due to habitat loss and climate change. Chocolate lovers can expect to pay more for their Valentine’s Day treats as the cost of cocoa rises globally. A boom in ‘nearshoring’ and tensions with China are fueling the increase. Meanwhile, a rash of extreme weather is wreaking havoc across the globe. All this and more in today’s world news.