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World News is the news media jargon for international news, covering events around the globe. It’s one of the most important branches of journalism, and also the most challenging. World news can refer to stories sent in by foreign correspondents, or — more commonly — it covers global events as they happen.

From Russia’s attempts to spark a rebellion in Ukraine to people burning the bodies of their loved ones who died during a heat wave in northern India, these compelling photos from around the world are just a sample of the week’s top news.

The world’s first known octopus nursery may have just been discovered off the coast of Australia. Researchers have found more than 130 octopuses living among coral and seagrass in the waters near the New South Wales town of Manly.

A Cameroonian king is trying to raise money in the UK to help those affected by separatist violence in his country’s two English-speaking regions. The Fon of Akum, George Ndikum II, says it’s “time to reclaim their land” in a country where far-right movements are on the rise.

During the hottest summer in years, tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in Manipur state, India. The violence stems from long-running tension between the two main communities in the state. Several people have been killed in the clashes, including at least four children.

With the right amount of “40 acres and a mule,” black American farmers can make a fortune, connect to their heritage, and generate wealth they can pass on to future generations. But they can’t do it without land, and the government is failing to deliver on many of its promises. CBS Reports explores how these families are finding ways to break through the barriers.

The Russian government has warned that it could send troops into Ukraine if it doesn’t receive assurances that Moscow’s backed off a military invasion of the country. The warning came as the head of Wagner Group, a paramilitary force that led a short-lived rebellion in western Russia last month, was arrested and jailed by authorities for promoting armed resistance against the state. The Kremlin said it was a violation of his rights as a citizen.