Traveling in Russia


Russia is a vast and fascinating country that is often overlooked by travelers. The largest country in the world, it is also one of the most diverse in terms of its geography and ethnicity. It is home to a wide array of natural resources, including fossil fuels, minerals and timber. In addition, its rich history has left behind a wide variety of cultural and architectural treasures.

With its chilly temperatures, winter is a great time to visit Russia, particularly in Moscow and St Petersburg. However, it is important to dress in layers so you can adjust to the cold weather. You will also want to invest in a good quality coat and hat so you don’t freeze while exploring.

A good way to save money while traveling is to purchase a Russian sim-card for your phone. This will allow you to save on data charges while still allowing you to have easy internet access. This can be purchased for a very small amount of money and is highly recommended.

In March 1990, the Congress of People’s Deputies elected Boris Yeltsin in a largely free and competitive election. He was a onetime Gorbachev protege who had been ousted from the top party echelons because of his radical reform proposals and erratic personality. He immediately set to work, appointing his own ministers and declaring the supremacy of Russia’s laws over those of the Soviet Union.

By 1996 the Government of Russia resembled a Western cabinet, consisting of a prime minister and deputy prime ministers, as well as federal ministers and their departments. A number of agencies, boards, centers, councils and commissions completed the executive branch. In addition, the State Duma and Federation Council each had myriad committees.

The Constitution of 1993 resolved many ambiguities and contradictions concerning the degree of decentralization under the much-amended 1978 constitution. The new constitution demoted the Federation Treaty to the status of a subconstitutional document, and required that any discrepancies between the constitutional and federal statutes would favor the constitution.

Buses are an economical way to travel around Russia – services run frequently between major cities and tickets cost less than train or flight fares. Taxis are also an option and can be hailed on the street or pre-booked via apps such as Yandex Taxi which offers English language support. It is a good idea to hire a driver for your trip as they know the local roads, Russian driving mentality and the Russian Traffic police better than you do and can ensure that your trip runs smoothly. They can also help you to navigate the complex Russian transport system and get you from A to B without too much hassle. If you are a first-time visitor, this can be a real lifesaver!