US Vs Russia

Usa Vs Russia

The United States and its allies are girding for a long-term confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a duel of wills reminiscent of the Cold War. The fight will require maintaining solidarity among allies even when economic blowback from Moscow inflicts pain at home, former officials say.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States has imposed wide-ranging sanctions on Kremlin-linked individuals and entities. It has supplied Ukraine with billions in military, financial and humanitarian aid. And it has established a hotline between its top military officers to deconflict forces in the region.

But the US and its allies are still working out how to respond to Russian aggression in Ukraine. They have differing perspectives on when a threat crosses a red line that merits a military response, and they face a challenge in persuading Ukraine that military action would achieve a clear and necessary objective.

Meanwhile, public opinion in the United States has shifted sharply in favor of Ukraine and against Russia. Majorities of Americans now have favorable opinions of Ukraine and confidence in its leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Public opinions of Russia have dipped, too. Two-thirds of Republicans and 72% of Democrats held very unfavorable views of Russia in 2022. But in the wake of the Ukraine conflict, deeply unfavorable sentiment has fallen 6 points in both partisan groups.

Freedom, democracy and human dignity are stronger than fear and oppression. They will prevail over tyrants like Putin who want to annihilate neighbouring democracies.