US Vs Russia – A Closer Look

Usa Vs Russia

The United States and Russia have not been the best of friends for some time now. It is unclear what the future holds for both countries.

Putin has stepped up his military game, and the US has been unprepared to deal with a more aggressive Russian force. Despite the fact that the United States has been the world’s superpower for 25 years, Moscow is regaining its footing.

The US has an advantage when it comes to nuclear weapons, but the real competition is in long-range power projection. America maintains the world’s largest naval fleet and the ability to project power around the globe. However, it’s been many decades since a nation has fought a modern, full-scale conventional war.

Unlike its American counterpart, Russia is far better at electronic warfare. In fact, it is the second largest nuclear weapon state in the world.

Aside from its nuclear capabilities, Russia is also highly sophisticated in its air defense and electronic warfare systems. Additionally, the country has a large and well-funded fleet of long-range strike aircraft, submarines, and other advanced military hardware.

Moreover, the USA has a lot of advantages over the Soviet Union. For instance, the average American family earns 15 times more than an European family. While the Soviets were the first to build an atomic bomb, it seems that America has the long-term military supremacy to sustain its dominance.

While the US and Russia have had a shaky relationship for some time now, the two nations will soon meet again in the Middle East. Currently, both sides are engaged in a proxy war in Syria.